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Create Balance in Your Life

We live in a busy, chaotic, fast paced, and demanding society that too often we get totally caught up in. We try to make sure everyone else is taken care of, needs are met, and each hat we wear doesn't fall off. By the end of the day it seems there's no time left to calm the whirlwind and take a minute for ourselves because we're just downright too exhausted. Below are some ways to try and bring in more peace and balance in the craziness that life brings us.

Empower Counseling Services Grand Rapids, MI

1. Make sure you are breathing. As in, take regular, deep breaths in and out as you go throughout your day. Too often we get caught up in whatever we're doing and forget to breath. Then we find ourselves gasping for air realizing, "have I not been breathing that whole time?!?". Be mindful and keep the air moving through your lungs.

2. Make sure you are eating. I know some of us are so busy it's hard to even consider 3 balanced meals a day. The whole day goes by and it's 3pm, you realize, "wow have I not eaten all day?!?". And we wonder why we're so irritated and snappy. Take time to eat, even if it's just small snacks throughout the day - an apple, granola bar, carrots, oh and WATER. Which leads me to number 3.

3. Make sure you are drinking water. I know we hear this one all the time and it's so why is it so hard to drink it regularly throughout the day? Water helps our bodies function properly along with air and food, yes. We need this things to generate energy and brain power.

4. Give yourself permission to take little breaks. We are more productive if we take 15 minutes to eat something, get a drink, go to the bathroom, take a quick walk than if we don't, and just keep going through 8, 10, 12 hours straight. So you're actually doing yourself a favor by getting a mental break to produce better quality results.

5. Each day do a little something just for yourself. Get your favorite coffee, do a morning meditation, go to that yoga class, see a friend, or watch your newest Netflix show you're into. This gives you something to look forward to and builds self worth, you are worth it just like everyone else in your life you seem to give more priority to. So do it, just give yourself that time without feeling guilty about it. This too will help you feel more balance to do the other things throughout your day and do it well.

Counseling for women, Grand Rapids, MI

Rachel Bauer is a licensed Therapist and Co-Owner at Empower Counseling Services located in Grand Rapids, MI. Please call/text her today at 616-717-3935 or email at to set up a time to meet. Check out for more information.

Empower Counseling Services, Grand Rapids, MI

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