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I'm here for you in that moment,

when you've reached your limit and you don't know what else to do.

There are things and times in life where it's just HARD.  

It's unavoidable that we will go through changes and challenges in a new city, relationships, jobs, school, families, interests,

life goals, and self-esteem.  


As women we tend to give and give of ourselves and try everything

to make it work. Until it doesn't.

When you've tried everything you can think of to feel better -

all the self- help books, online articles and blogs, other therapists who just don’t get you, and medications with unwanted side effects

that you don’t want to rely on for the rest of your life...

It's not easy to maintain relationships, 

go for your dream job, have a social life,

or feel happy within yourself 

when you have Anxiety.  


You just want to be happy and feel whole again.  


You want to learn how to let go of the things you can't control.


You want to be able to relax (and not feel guilty about it).  


You want to feel balanced without all the pressure 

weighing on top of you.  


You want to be able to easily communicate what it is that you need without questioning yourself...

My Approach


Want to try an alternative to medication?


Acupuncture Detox is a natural remedy that can be done separately or with counseling.  It reduces anxiety right away, relieves stress, helps with sleep, migraines,

and brings balance back into your life.


To learn more about Acupuncture Detox

and how it can help you feel better immediately, click here.



I believe there is something powerful about women supporting women. We all have times in our lives when we need support, someone to talk to, someone to listen. Someone to help us figure it out.

Our strength is built in the midst of challenges.


If you are a woman dealing with Anxiety

stress, worry, or overwhelm, I can help!


I specialize in empowering women to find their inner strength when faced with obstacles, to go after what they want out of life through

Individual Counseling