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Empower Counseling Services offers Support, Encouragement, and        Empowerment through Individual Counseling and Acupuncture Detox

Services Provided:


Individual Counseling/Life Coaching 

Health & Wellness Services: Acupuncture Detox


Empower Counseling hopes to offer you an arrangement of tools and skills that have been found to be very helpful to people in all walks of life. Some of these tools may include (but are not limited to): Stress Management, Holistic Healing, and Coping/Relaxation/Mindfulness Techniques.


Specialties We Offer:

All are welcome here - people of all ethnicities, spiritual/religious beliefs, identified genders, economic statuses, education levels, sexual orientations, physical or mental abilities, cultures, or any other characteristics that make individuals distinctive. Empower Counseling strongly believes that each person comes with unique experiences, hopes, and stories to share and hope for everyone to feel heard, respected and appreciated.

Acupuncture is a great alternative to medication that helps ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.  It also helps with sleep, headaches, attention, chronic pain, quitting addictions, and overall health and wellness.  

What to Expect in Counseling:

Counseling sessions are generally about 45 minutes-1 hour and can occur anywhere from weekly to monthly, based on your need and insurance requirements. Please contact your insurance company prior to coming in to verify your benefits, co-pays, etc.

It is important to expect that your first appointment may look somewhat different than proceeding appointments as this is considered your "assessment." What this means is that time will be spent in getting to get to know you, your story, what brings you in for counseling, and for us to answer any questions you may have as well. Should you feel comfortable in continuing to work with us, we will schedule a follow-up session where we typically work together to identify your personal "treatment goals" that we will work steadily on to help you overcome the challenges you identify.

We want you to always feel you are treated with dignity and respect each and every time we meet. We view the therapeutic relationship as a partnership and ask that you be open and honest in how services are meeting your needs and always appreciate feedback!

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