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5 Ways to Cope with the Holiday Blues

Counseling for Women in Grand Rapids, MI

The holidays are filled with hopeful expectations for ourselves, family, and friends. Sometimes the holidays don't turn out the way we hoped or we're just sad they're over. Below are some ways to help cope with the post holiday blues.

1. Focus on the positive experiences from the holidays. Even if it's very small, like enjoying your favorite cup of hot chocolate or seeing flickering Christmas lights. Count your blessings around you instead of dwelling on the let downs, broken relationships, or unmet expectations.

2. Look forward to a new goal for the upcoming year. Maybe it's setting a realistic expectation that you know you can meet and feel good about for yourself. Some ideas are taking time for yourself, doing a small gesture for someone you love, or taking the dog for a walk once or twice a week.

3. Identify things that make you feel good inside. Is it going to the bookstore or reading your favorite book? Is it getting a yummy coffee at a coffee shop? Maybe it's going to a local craft store to make a new creation? Whatever it is, however small, be aware of what you like to do and go do it!

4. Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes just sharing what's on your mind can take the weight of it off of yourself. Often times others can relate to what your going through and can offer some support. Do something fun together that gets your mind off of things like ice skating or skiing. Physical exercise always makes your body and outlook feel better!

5. Realize that the feelings you have now are most likely temporary and will get better with time. Once you get back into your routine and things go back to normal, you will start to feel better. If you feel like things aren't getting better or getting worse, reach out to Empower Counseling Services at 616-717-3935 or for some more help and support.

Counseling for women in Grand Rapids, MI

Empower Counseling Services is located in Grand Rapids, MI and offers individual counseling for Women and Teens. Call 616-717-3935 for a free phone consultation today!

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