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Even the strongest women have their breaking point.

You hold yourself together all day long, and then it happens - 

you crack under the pressure from all the demands from work, your relationship, family, friends, and unmet goals.  

You're stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

You thought your life would be different than this...

You find yourself constantly worrying...

Help for women with anxiety and depression at Empower Counseling Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Is this relationship going to last? 

What's my next career move?

Should I go back to school? 

How do I deal with my family?

Did I make the right move?

How do I say 'no' without

feeling guilty?

What makes me feel happy anymore?

How We Can Help 

Life is hard.  There are moments and experiences women go through, and we think we can take on the world with perfection and unrealistic expectations.  

But the truth is, sometimes it's too much to carry. Sometimes we need support to get through it.  

To be heard, seen, and supported through difficulties, changes, and losses that are unavoidable in life.


No one can do it all alone.

Empower is here for you in these moments when you can't handle it anymore.  We will help you feel strong and resilient again. We will help you through the messes and complications in life.


Because YOU deserve to feel happy again.


 Please don't hesitate to call us today to learn more about how counseling can help you feel like yourself again. 

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